Practicing Kaizen is the best way to learn. These hints and tips will prevent you from the mistakes others have made. Click on the hints and tips and a detailed explanation is given. Feel free to contact us if you have hints and tips to share.

Kaizen hints and tips overview and detailed information

1. Time and facts
2. Gemba (the workplace)
3. Do not want too many improvements at the same time
4. Start simple
5. The importance of congratulating and celebrating success
6. Look out that improvements are not being completed; succession
7. Incomplete preparation leads to additional problems.
8. Experiment
9. Ensure diversity in your team
10. Stakeholder analysis
11. Know what the customer wants
12. Ensure that ideas are generated
13. Write down each improvement suggestion
14. Make suggestions for improvement visible
15. Role of the supervisor
16. Role of the leader
17. Provide a clear approach
18. decline in performance
19. Communication
20. Make the importance clear on a regular basis
21. Look cross-functional
22. Be careful with a reward system
23. It is only a real problem if ...
24. More than just performance improvement
25. Uncertainty is part of it

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