set standard kaizenKaizen or continuous improvement is in fact a process. So there are steps and activities. And there are performance indicators.

In this post we will give more information about the performance indicator “takt time improvement suggestions”. Other performance indicators for continuous improvement are described here.

The best performance indicators of continuous improvement are lower cost, shorter leadtime and improved quality.

Performance indicator: Takt time improvement suggestions

Takt time (a typical Lean term) is the rate at which a finished product needs to be completed in order to meet customer demand.  For example, if a customer wants 10 units per week, then, given a 40-hour work week the takttime is 4 hours.

Takt time can be applied to the continuous improvement process.

Definition: the number of improvement suggestions the ‘customer’ wants to be completed in a certain period

An example to explain this:

  • a team of 20 employees is capable of generating 26 improvement suggestions per year (52 weeks)
  • the takt time is 1 improvement suggestion per 2 weeks


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