Lean is not just about waste. Lean is about value, which is determined by the customer.

Where to improve is based on what the customer sees as value. When you know what is value then you also know what is non-value (‘waste’) and this has to be reduced


Mr. Kano is the inventor of the 3 forms of quality: Basics, Performance Factors and Delighters.

It is important that before the start of an improvement process (via a Value Stream Map) it is clear what the customer expects,

Kano model: kaizen base

The power of the Kano model

  • the model is easy to understand
  • it takes some effort to determine the right customer values, but afterwards the search for waste is much easier and faster
  • realize that today’s delighter is a performer of “tomorrow”, and that a performer of “tomorrow” is a “basic” of “the day after tomorrow. In short, the development of your services will have to take place continuously
  • This Kano model and therefore the Voice of the Customer (VOC) is not the exclusive domain of the Marketing or Sales department. The executive departments or teams also provide input and need to know what the VOC is. Delivering in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is not sufficient, because the competitors are improving too.

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